Who we are

Does more then ever platform to achieve goal stages.

The first time I realized I enjoy solving problems others can’t? When I was 10 and found the process of untangling jewellery chains to be oddly yet highly satisfying. I’m a problem solver, a creative thinker & an initiator – exemplified through various stages of my evolving career as a young science/biomedical professional.

. Experience in consulting, market research, business analysis and strategy development, implementation & optimization
• 3+ years of creative scientific writing & editing, research protocols/project designing and execution
• Mitacs Project Management Certification,
• 3+ years of pre-clinical research and wet lab experience with in vivo & in vitro testing

I’ve acquired an apt combination of theoretical as well as practical research skill sets, needed to cultivate successful roles in a variety of professional settings.

My rich network and interactions with industrialists, academic researchers and entrepreneurs has empowered me with the strategic and financial awareness required to fully visualize the extent of both monetary & intellectual investments needed for materializing research & ideas, and producing profitable results.

I’m a fast learner with a childhood passion for science & an ever-bright curiosity for medical research and problem solving, evident by the range of projects I have enjoyed over the past years and during my current master’s in Experimental Surgery at McGill University. I’m an organized worker capable of structuring any environment or project to function as efficiently as possible with the perseverance to overcome obstacles without labelling them as failures.

Outside of work, I’m a nature loving yogi, fitness and travel enthusiast, occasional painter, dancer & all things art!